Cart2WP 0.3

This release is mainly about further improving the core and adding automated options. You will not need to download anything in the future as we now have fully automated updates and add-on installer built in. Also the new add-ons are now available:

  • NEW – WooCommerce add-on (map your pricing options to Woo products and/or set default order status as well)
  • NEW – LearnDash add-on (map your pricing options to a single or multiple courses)
  • NEW – Groundhogg add-on (add you customers as Groundhogg contacts automatically)
  • NEW – Mailchimp add-on (in case needed, add your new customers to a Mailchimp list)
  • NEW – Auto updater
  • NEW – Built in Add-on installer
  • IMPROVED – Admin UI improvements
  • IMPROVED – New webhook URL
  • IMPROVED – New auto-login URL
  • UPDATED – Getting started tutorial
  • UPDATED – LearnDash tutorial
  • UPDATED – Additional tutorials created